Talk at the Old Schwamb Mill: Arlington’s Urban Forest with

Arlington Tree Warden Timothy A. Lecuivre

 Saturday, April 30, 2 pm

Currently on display in Arlington’s Old Schwamb Mill’s Gallery is an exhibit entitled “Into the Woods: From Trees to Frames.” This show presents an overview of the Mill’s current picture frame-making process along with much information about trees: historic trees, the characteristics of trees relevant to the Mill’s frames, and many other topics.

In conjunction with this special exhibition, we are pleased that Tim Lecuivre, MCA, MQTW, Arlington’s Tree Warden, will be our guest speaker at an in person talk about Arlington’s Urban Forest, including Arlington’s street tree inventory and street tree planting program.

Urban forests come in many different shapes and sizes. They include urban parks, street trees, landscaped boulevards, gardens, river and coastal promenades, greenways, river corridors, wetlands, nature preserves, and working trees at former industrial sites. Urban forests, through planned connections of green spaces, form the green infrastructure on which communities depend.

Mr. Lecuivre’s professional background in horticulture and arboriculture is extensive. Lecuivre grew up in Arlington on Frazer Road, and spent much of his childhood playing outdoors—climbing trees, exploring Mill Brook, and sneaking past the junkyard dog to sit behind the wheels of the big trucks in a junkyard near Old Schwamb Mill. He went to Pierce elementary school, Ottoson Middle School, and graduated from Minuteman High School where he majored in horticulture before earning an associate’s degree from Stockbridge School of Agriculture and a bachelor’s in urban forestry from University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

He knows the town inside and out and is as likely to have a story about a particular tree in a neighborhood as he is to have memories of the families who lived there when he was growing up. In addition, he is a Massachusetts Certified Arborist, a Massachusetts Qualified Tree Warden, a Massachusetts Pesticide Applicator, a Plant Health Care Specialist, and sits on the Advisory Arbor Board for Essex Agricultural Tech High School.  Rounding out his background, Mr. Lecuivre worked as a professional high production tree climber and Plant Health Care Specialist for 24 years before joining Arlington’s Public Works, including private tree care companies and Mt. Auburn Cemetery’s Tree Crew. 

For more information, visit or call 781-643-0554. Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $5.00. Masks are optional

Admission: Free, with suggested donation of $5.00