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Winter and Christmas at the Mill

Visitors to the Mill have seen the dozens of graffiti on the walls recording the first snow (and other remarkable weather events) going back to the 1860s. Although our “first snow” was in October this year, we have followed that with a big December snowstorm blanketing the Mill. We have yet to find a “first … Continue reading Winter and Christmas at the Mill

Boxes in the Mill

The minute they step in the door, visitors to the Mill sense that very little has changed since it closed as a business in 1969. Founding Trustee Patricia Fitzmaurice deserves credit for instituting two policies that have kept the life in our living history museum for the past fifty years. First, she made it a … Continue reading Boxes in the Mill

Animal Hide Glue: Go-To Adhesive in the Schwambs’ Frame-making Process

The Old Schwamb Mill’s glue room is one of its timeless interior spaces. Located at the northwest corner of the main building’s second floor, its windows overlook Mill Brook and Mill Lane. Indeed, the glue room is a time capsule illustrating a key step in the frame-making process: the gluing of the frame quadrants. Here, … Continue reading Animal Hide Glue: Go-To Adhesive in the Schwambs’ Frame-making Process

The Old Man of the Mountain Frames

The Clinton W. Schwamb Company, like its predecessor Charles Schwamb and Son, manufactured frames for retailers such as frame shops, furniture stores, and galleries. One of the Schwambs’ strengths was making specialty items to the exact specifications of their customers. On a tour in 2011, Wayne Schwamb, who worked with his father Elmer at the … Continue reading The Old Man of the Mountain Frames


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The Old Schwamb Mill is living history museum, a nineteenth-century picture frame manufactory still producing oval frames with traditional methods.

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